Days Of Youth

George Bernard Shaw was well-known for his acid wit and had very clear opinions on most subjects. One of his gems is that “Youth is such a wonderful thing; it’s a pity it is wasted on the young”.   How right he is! Like most children I wished my youth away then continued this stupidity into adulthood and on into old age.  Wishing my life away is possibly the only wish that has ever come true for me but somehow I don’t think congratulations are in order.

Days of Youth

How well I remember the long summer days
The golden sun swimming in a cloudless sky
Of brilliant blue
How easy it was to lie in knee-deep green grass
And think thoughts of no consequence
Or think not at all
How long those days and peaceful too
How well I remember the cold winter days
The anaemic sun crossing a cloudless sky
Of palest grey
How pleasant it was to feel frost underfoot
Or shatter the fragile layer of ice
On a pond
How short those days and far away
How could I know? Who dared tell me?
That those precious days would quickly pass
But they did and me so busy I hardly noticed
Until now

6 comments on “Days Of Youth

  1. Most of us are ‘guilty’ of wishing our lives away. We are so busy chasing dreams in tomorrow that we forget the wonderful reality of today. I thoughtful poem that has reminded me to stop and smell the roses.

  2. It is always easier to think about another time. No matter what your age, people always seem to be looking in another time than now. (Whether it`s youth wanting to grow up faster, or old grandmas on rockers remembering how things used to be)

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